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Makes tap water better

Here in Lakeland the city water is horrible although the city says it's safe to drink, I can't get it past my nose but with my filter I can enjoy a fresh clean drinking water.

It greatly reduced chemicals ect. In our water. We have a house filter and still the count was high.

Better than I expected

I had a 3 stage filter that was connected to the plumbing with plastic tubing and push connectors - sprung a leak twice and was cumbersome to replace the filters not to mention the increased cost. I installed the under sink filter (secure stainless connectors) extremely simple installation. I now get good tasting water right from my kitchen sink faucet. Recommend it to anyone who wants filtered drinking water.

Remineralization Filter and UV light order

I'm in my fourth year using the 7 stage system. Should you have the UV light. The Remineralization Filter should be place after the UV not before it. Certain minerals are removed by the light. I noticed some instructions state to put the UV last but the Remineralization Filter should be last in line to dispensed water.
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Countertop Filter

I’d like this filter system when I hooked it up I let it run maybe a minute it was clear. I love the taste of my water now.

Top notch water filtration system

The water tastes bette and it’s all clear. Thanks for the wonderful water.

Great water!

We had the NU Aqua system installed professionally in the basement and it connects directly to our refrigerator and we love it. It is great tasting water and just what we were looking for.

Great system!

Ordering was quick and easy. We had a plumber install the system. Just did the first 6 month change successfully but would have liked a detailed video to demonstrate changing the post carbon filter. We had a slight problem connecting the tubes but eventually figured it out. We are very pleased with water quality

System is amazing

In Las Vegas the city water is terrible. With the TDS meter it's measuring around 400, the EPA safety limit cutoff is only 500. I never knew how bad the city water was here.

This system installed easily, and now with no other changes, the TDS is measuring around 35 from the RO system. That's a crazy reduction of junk in my drinking water!


It was very easy and very basic to install anybody could do it besides that the water taste amazing and their custumer service is very good

7-Stage 100GPD Photos

This is an addendum to the review I left earlier. It illustrates the various TDS readings of unfiltered versus filtered water.

Clean Water in Arizona

I purchased the 7-stage 100gpd RO system about a month ago. I installed it myself which took me about 3-4 hours as I'm very meticulous and SLOW...I had a few minor leaks which I was able to fix promptly with no need to call NU AQUA's customer support.

From the time immediately after I completed the start-up process the system has functioned perfectly. My wife and I are thrilled with the quality of the water - and even more so after reading an article online about the poor quality of bottled water in America.

We've gotten TDS readings as low as 13ppm whereas our city tap water was in the 180ppm TDS range. Our ice cubes are much more crystal clear and we're no longer buying name brand bottled water as they tested at 150ppm TDS. Test your unfiltered tap water, filtered tap water, refrigerator water AND bottled water you've purchased - you'll be blown away at how much better the RO filtered water is.

I'd been debating installing an RO system for years and wish I'd have done it sooner. My experience with NU AQUA has been excellent. I highly recommend you consider one of their systems. For us, the 7-stage 100GPD system is more than we'll need, but the taste and clarity of the water is has improved the taste of coffee and tea as well.

We've stopped buying all bottled water in plastic containers and are using refillable thermos and metal bottles. I'm sure the filters for the RO system are less costly than we've been spending buying bottled water over and over..... and it's much better tasting and healthier for you.

So far so good

1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4" Push Fitting T-Fitting


Great Service

Ordering was quick and simple. Delivery showed up within a few day.

Right on Time

Love it, just started using after almost a month from date of purchase.. only wish for water reservoir have more capacity, but its okay, it fits the description as countertop ro water system...

Excellent service and water

Excellent RO under the counter system and superb service.

Cool, easy to use filter

My wife and I recently purchased this counter top RO filter and have loved it. We both work in the coffee industry, and having a good source for RO water at home has made our home coffee very good (although we do add some minerals for optimization). The added hot water is a great feature too. I wouldn’t use it for brewing, but it’s great for heating up equipment and pre-soaking filters etc.

Pleased as always

Happy with our filters.

NU Aqua

Bought this las year when I remodeled kitchen. Works well. Water tastes great. I added the mineral filter to give the water a better taste and make sure we get minerals.

Quality, local company

Customer service is always responsive and they make it easy to place orders. We have been pleased so far with both the shower filter and tankless RO.