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Great water filter for good price!

Water is great, taste is very good, water after filter is super clear. We have tested the water and it contains 15ppm and before the filter it contains 280ppm. On another side I have tested bottled water from Costco it contains 35ppm which is not as good as from RO Aqua Platinum Series 7 stage.
Love this system and highly recommend!

Great RO system,

a really good RO water systems

This system will help you in your aquarium hobby

Hi everyone my name is Joseph I have a YouTube channel called Joseph’s tropical tanks
I have Ben in that aquarium hobby now for 5 years and I never hade a rodi system I wold spend money every week for some water conditioner for the tanks at 1 time I was buying about $45 a week for the water conditioner in my fresh water tank but now I’m doing saltwater so I buy more
Water conditioner as the fish are much more expensive
I now don’t need any type of conditioner anymore because of the nu aqua reef series 4 stage 76gpd rodi reverse osmosis I hade a problem with algae DYATHON in the tank before but now I don’t see any problems with my tanks any more this is a no Brener if you have any aquarium you need a system like this stop looking and get to ASAP
Thanks nu aqua YouTube video placeholder
Great tasting water

I've been forced to buy bottled waters to find any water that didn't taste funny; but with this filter the water tastes great and the ppm is WAY down.

Nice one

Really like it I want to recommend ppl to buy it


Water quality is great, easy to use and it's also very beautiful!
Only wish the temperature could be shown in Celsius too and had hotter temperature setting.

Nu Aqua is of the best for drinking water

This 7 stage filtration work very well for drinking water I used TGS meter to measure before at 350 ppm particle and 31 ppm after this filter .
The con is an unclear instructions on how to install it with UV and alkaline filters.

Remineralization filter

I am very happy with the taste of our water using the remineralizing filter. We have been using it for 1 1/2 years with good result.

I've had this system installed for about a month now.

The system I purchased works very well for the needs of my family. The water output is good and tastes great. I'm glad I was recommended this by a neighbor.

I rank the install a 7/10 but the water quality a 9/10.

Longevity of the filters: to be determined.


I needed it, I got it, exactly as specified.

It’s good

Love the fresh tasting water - no chlorine taste!
Need to include attachment to run to fridge/ice maker. That’s would make it better since it has such a special water line.


Finally a reverse osmosis system that comes with instant heated water. thus functionality is common place in elsewhere in the world but the US for some reason so I’m glad someone finally included a heating element in their countertop water filter system.

On screen tds readings, filter life are useful features to have.

The machine is a little larger than I expected but not a dealbreaker.

Very Unique Design

I love this float valve and have yet to see one like it. The quick connect fitting makes it extremely easy to set up and if a lot more effective in leak proofing compared to the crush feral design valves. Good quality as well!

Would purchase a million times over!!

We LOVE the machine!! It is everything we could wish for. We enjoy the ease of filling up at our home and having instantly clean water. It’s super convenient to have hot water on demand. My one and only complaint is that I wish it would dispense more than 16 oz of water at a time but still awesome! I would recommend to anyone and everyone I know.

Good system

Good system and generally good customer service. My only complaints would be that I couldn’t get a matching brushed nickel faucet without spending another $45. Don’t understand why they couldn’t just switch it out when other brands will do that. I also didn’t realize that the RO system would drain 3 gallons to every one gallon used so water is frequently making noise going down the drain. Assume other RO systems do that but don’t know. Water quality is good. Warranty is good.

Remineralization Filter

Water taste should be improved. Nu Aqua needs to look into this

1st Tankless

This unit replaces a 30 year old Culligan R O unit. It was easy to install as I used much of my existing plumbing and just adapted the NuAqua to it. It makes as much water as I need and I am satisfied with the performance.

Great RODI System!

This is a fantastic RODI unit! Nu aqua makes it very easy to set it up and it comes with everything you need to get it up and running fast! I am very satisfied with this unit! I believe its a great value for the money and the warranty and guarantee is great! Check out the full review video on my youtube channel. YouTube video placeholder
7 stage system.

This product so far is amazing. Crisp tasting water. We have city water with an ungodly amount of chlorine in it. This system removes all of it. Water tastes really good. I installed mine on the fridge water line.

Item never arrived

I ordered the filters and they never arrived. Reached out to Nu Aqua and they were not interested in helping. They advised I reach out to FedEx which I did. Their response is that once they give the item to the carrier it is not their problem. What horrible customer service. The first order I placed arrived damaged and now the second is missing. I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on. Lesson learned. Buyer beware.

Good RO System

It was much easier to install then I thought it would be. The only leak was a pre-installed section of tube that I had to reinsert. The book instructions are fine but the linked video in the book was much easier to follow. The RO system works great and I'm very happy with this purchase.


I bought the remineralization filter along with the unit. Water taste is nothing great. Nu Aqua should take steps to improve the taste of remineralized water.

Awesome Water

Installation instructions were very clear
However, the connection material leaked and I had to work with it over a couple of days to stop the leaks…!

my first

This is the first water filter I've purchased and I'm extremely happy with it. I didn't want to go through installing something but wanted something better than a brita filter.