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Thankful for the Nu Aqua System

I was purchasing 2 cases of 6 gallon spring waters every two weeks. It was becoming a hassle and expensive. I researched the best reverse osmosis filters and came across the Nu Aqua countertop system and so far, so good. I’m also happy that the filters only need to be changed between 9 months and 24 months (depending on the quality of already treated water from your city, etc.). It was a great investment!

The lightest water I've had to carry.

I had a system in my home when I lived in Florida. I received so much compliments when I had guess over. I don't have the space in New York so I opt for the countertop dispenser. I love the water because nu aqua give me the alkaline that I need for my health and it beats buying 10 cases of alkaline water and lugging it from the store into the house. It was costly and heavy to carry. I know in the long run it'll be financially beneficial to just replace the filters as opposed to purchasing the cases of water. Thank you nu aqua. I am aware I would have to replace the filter less than every 3 months because I drink a average of 170 oz of water a day. All in all, the water is delicious without adding any flavor to it.

Fantastic water. Very noticeable difference.

High quality water

The system provide no just clean water, it taste really good!

Great system

We recently purchased the 7 stage system and are very happy with it. We had a few items we needed to work out with customer service and they were great to work with. Many thanks to Jen for all her help!

Great Customer Service!

Our system came without an O-ring on the UV light housing. I contacted the company through chat in the middle of the night. It was an actual person! We completed the interaction through email because I needed to send a picture to them. They immediately knew what I needed and proceeded to ship the missing part at no charge. Awesome.

Once you've done it, you'll see it's easy!

If you're not a plumber, it might look daunting, but changing the Membrane cartridge isn't difficult. It's inside a cylinder with one end which unscrews to expose the old cartridge. You just pull out the old, and insert the new! Replace the cylinder end by screwing it back on, and follow the instructions to condition the new membrane. It's easy, and the system will produce more treated water flow with the new membrane.

Good minerals added to the water.

The Lubbock Texas city water tastes terrible because half of it comes from 2 lakes. The purifying system they use adds ammonia to the water making chloramines which makes it only good for flushing toilets. The Hydrologic ChloraShield Catalytic carbon filter HL22020, I installed makes the water taste totally great, like Walmart spring water we have had to buy the last year since we built a house here. This filter adds some good minerals to the water.


I have loved the water ever since installing the filter system. It tastes great and is much better quality than our normal tap water.

Tasty water

Truth is we are waiting for someone who is brave enough to drill a hole into our granite for the water spigot. Reason we purchased this system is because we have tasted how good the water is after it goes through the cycle. My son-in-law had on installed at their home in the city. Their city water is terrible smelling and taste bad. We were amazed at how good it tasted after they installed your Aqua Water reverse osmosis system. We were so impressed we purchased one for ourselves. Anxious to get it up and running!

Great tasting water

Had this unit installed in a condo in Mexico, The water here in Puerto Vallarta is the best water in all of Mexico, The water from the tap tested at 51 ppm. The filtered water showed 30 ppm. My water at home in Texas showed 195 ppm from the tap and 158 ppm from the fridge filtered water.

So far, so good.

New filter replacement

After finding out my old unit was discontinued, NuAqua made it rjghtby providing a new system for the cost of a filter replacement. Installation was a little difficult as I had to relocate the new unit which was a bit larger. At 72 ,it's never fun climbing under a kitchen cabinet to install. This has truly improved the water taste from the kitchen sink and the ice maker! Definitely would recommend this product!

two drawbacks of filter system

You might loose some valuable space under the sink to store stuff. As you can see in the picture........problem eliminated. I ran the water lines of both the filter faucet and refrigerator water down to the basement laundry room where the filter system is situated. It also made sewer attachment very easy.
Once you get accustomed to the taste of this filtered water you will notice how bad other waters taste, municipal or bottled . You will gladly throw away all the junk under your sink and place the filter system there if you don't have the luxury of the basement like I did.

Chat help.

I was having trouble ordering a part for my system. After several attempts I used the chat function. Jennifer was able to help me right away. She went above and beyond answering my question by checking my account to identify the system I had and then placing the order. I believe the "parts and accessories" section of your website needs additional testing, specifically when it asks for a choice between the 1/4 and 3/8ths systems. In addition the box "which system fits me best" is a distraction when I am ordering parts for a system I already have. Jen made this frustrating process turn into a very satisfactory interaction.

Easy way to get clean water

Easy to install and does what it's supposed to do.


I live in the country but my kids live in the big city and their water tasted horrible till they put in their new Aqua filtering system. I was so impressed with how well the system filtered and made their water so tasty! I decided to purchase the system for my own home and I’m so pleased. I worked for the water company in our area so I know the things they have to do in order to kill bacteria and to keep our water safe. However, I don’t like strong chlorine taste in water and the Aqua system clears all that out then returns the good minerals. I’m very happy with my new system. Thank you for tasty water.

Water System

We love our water system. Defiantly would recommend.

Great customer service

Alvin was very helpful in determining a RO system that was right for me. Very responsive as well, would highly recommend anybody "on the fence" to utilize the chat feature offered so an agent can select the right system for your needs.


This is a good filter

Great for a good price

Great systems

Great water quality

I’m quite satisfied with the product and quality of water it produces.

Great product. I only drink water from this filter.

Customer service

Thanks to Jen for helping me out on the chat for finding me the right part that got damage excellent customer service