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Works great, Tastes Great

Happy with our 7 Stage filter system. Works well and is quiet.

Great system

It was a very easy to install system and I have been enjoying good-tasting water. Very happy with my purchase and have recommended it to family and friends.

Great Product

This RO came as advertised. Hook up was complete within a hour. Drinking the water took a bit longer because of the purge but that's to be expected. I did not install the faucet on the counter but instead just ran the line directly to my refrigerator. I now have great cold drinking water and much much clearer ice cubes! Tap water is 378 PPM and my RO water is 21 PPM. Incredible taste difference and couldn't be happier. Do not hesitate to purchase. Easy hook up. Good clean water. No leaks. If you have been thinking about buying a RO this is the one for you. For the price easily the best RO on the market. I was using a Zero Water Filter prior to this and every 6-8 weeks I was spend $60 replacing the filters. Could not be happier. No pics because my system is jammed under an island in place no one would ever see it so I did not make it look pretty.

Product works great installation was very simple.

Replacement is not hard. The 3 main filters screw on and screw off. The connectors on the ends of filter #4 unscrew and simply reconnect the hoses after they are screwed into the new filter

Replacement filters

Replacement filters were easy to order and shipping was quick.

NU Aqua RO

My partner refused to drink my tap water or even Brita filtered water. I had to buy Costco water. 6-stage RO system install rather simple. TDS: Tap 750, Brita filtered 350, Costco 41, RO 41. Now no one complains about my water! No more money wasted on Costco. She says we should have done this years ago. Simpler and as good or better than bottled water.

Absolutly Love!!!

We had an RO previously then when we got the new house we bought a simple double filter unit for under the sink which was half the price of this one. BIG mistake was a huge pain to install and first time I changed the filters it wouldn't stop leaking. We decided to go with an RO again and after researching this seemed like the best one not to mention didn't cost an arm and a leg. The instillation was very easy we even installed it in the basement and ran it up to the sink and works amazing the flow is better the even the old RO I had and water taste great!!!!

Good water

Tryed different filters for city water this is the only one that u cannot taste the chlorine and still have a good water pressure

Great product

Works well. Easy to install and to know when to do it. Water tastes exceptional.

Great product

I absolutely love this filter system! Easy to install and water tastes so good.

Fantastic Product

I'm a former Licensed Contractor and love this Product. Easy to install, I removed my Soap dispenser and installed Spout in place. If you're wondering if your Municipality Water supply is clean. Go to the "EPA Works" website and put in your zip. My water in East TN is horrible full of Cancer-causing Carcinogens.

Basic filter

Used it to filter the cold water for my kitchen, my only issue I ran in to was the hoses where installed backwards from the factory according to the instructions . Simple flip and it connected right up.

5 Stage RO System

Tastes just like bottled water. I tested the water straight from the tap as well as the water after the RO system was flushed as recommended. Tap = ~100 PPM and RO system is ~10PPM. So, it removed about 90% of TDS! Very impressed and happy.

Installation was simple with 1 small issue. One of the tubes that came pre-attached to the membrane shot water everywhere when I first turned the system on. It wasn't fully inserted into the connector. After 1 week, a small leak around the O-ring of the first stage filter appeared and was remedied by using the tool to tighten the fitting. Since then, no issues with the system!

Fully enjoy it :)

Great product and amazing customer service

I bought this system 8 months ago and it has been amazing. It brought my ph down from a 8.5 to a 7.8 and my ppm from 205ish to 22-28! I love this system, and the customer service is on point. I had a filter missing from the kit I order and they hooked me up with the missing filter plus another kit. Much love. For sure will be buying the 7 stage

Great Tasting Water

The installation was pretty easy, but one of the plastic parts that hooks up to the water supply snapped, so be careful tightening it. I had to go find a replacement, which was pretty difficult to find. All in all, I would buy this product again

Water filter

Easy to install. Compact. Works great.

Much better water!

We were running an Aquasana 2 stage system for years. the water was better than tap, but nothing near the quality I get at my office, which is a professional reverse osmosis system. I wanted to bring that quality home for drinking, cocktails, coffee, tea, ice and cooking. I reviewed numerous systems and found Nu Aqua's system to be the best value overall. The water is excellent. I fitted the system with a permeate pump for added efficiency. Our water is ringing in at about 40 TDS. Very happy with the quality. Installation was a sinch.

Great single cartridge under the sink water filter

I wanted and single cartridge under the counter water filter that I could connect to a special faucet for dispensing filtered water.
I purchased this system and then found that it came with 3/8th inch compression connections - one female and one male end. I needed a 1/4inch connection. I had to purchase two adaptors and two ice maker hoses that have I/4 inch compression ends. So, through jerry-rigging and about $40 in parts I got it working and am very happy with the end result.

Good system

Overall the system does what it's supposed to do and it does it well. Reason for 4 star rating is a handful of small gripes that if implemented would make this a 5 start setup.

Minor issues:
Instructions: The print quality of the instruction is horrible, most "details" they wish to convey is just a pixelated mess.

The mounting bracket that holds everything is very flimsy. After mounting to the side of my cabinets, the bracket doesn't actually support the weight the sum of all the parts, filling it water made it worse. Now it does hold everything in place, it just sags a lot

The Drain saddle: there are much better and easier solutions available, and I would much rather see it come with a solution/ option like the Air-Gap ET116-001 that seamlessly adds the RO drain line into the dishwasher line via the garbage disposal for a clean and leak free install.

Great Filter System

Really like this system. Has been nice not having to lug bottles of water back and forth