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Works nice

NU Aqua Platinum Series Filter Replacement Set

NU Aqua Platinum Series 7 Stage Alkaline and UV Ultraviolet 100GPD RO System with Booster Pump

Great quality

Awesome system, especially for the money.
The faucet matched our main faucet perfect

NU Aqua Platinum Series 5 Stage 100GPD RO System

NU Aqua Platinum Series Filter Replacement Set

clear great tasting water

loving the clear clean water we get with your system, my other filter was letting stuff through but not this one, great tasting, better than bottled water

NU Aqua 4.5" x 20" 5 Micron Whole House Carbon Block Filter

5 stage

Was easy to follow instructions. System made our water system taste so much better.


Fast deliver! Good quality! I can wait to install!

NU Aqua Platinum Series Filter Replacement Set


Got parts right away

Excellent service!

I ordered my RO system about three months ago in preparation for a total kitchen remodel. I finally got to the plumbing portion of the project a couple weeks back, only to find two of the fittings were missing the little retainer clips. I called NuAqua and explained my discovery. The lady that heloed me couldn't have been more accommodating. She listened to my dilemma, and told me she would get me those clips ASAP, no questions asked. They were in my mailbox about three days later.




My pets, my husband and I have been sick for months. Neither doctors or vets ever mentioned it might be our well water. Come to find out, we have giardia in our well from it flooding every year after city construction. Anyway, this kills the Giardia. It came mostly assembled which was terrific because for awhile our old system (another brand, no UV) was hooked up backwards so we were drinking the waste water-our fault. I can tell this is working because it has the green light monitor and in the dark you can slightly see the green glow on the ports to the UV. I am so happy. Now we have to find a whole house unit.

Love this!

Easy install - water quality and taste improved greatly and it’s a 3 year filter!!

How well it filters and tastes

Unit is built strong and is great for the water where I live. This was a wise purchase and it even come with a tool to replace the filter.

pH balanced alkaline water is a breeze!

I don’t know what to do with a water filter that says it “activates water molecules that help improve blood circulation and overall health when consumed” and that it “reduces water imperfections, which helps to maintain healthy human cells and a healthy metabolism”.

This is quite a space-age contraption, and even after learning about what some of the stages are, I’m not sure if they mean anything (like the above). I mean, maybe there’s a better way to explain it that “Stage 5 Bio Ceramic improves blood flow.”

In essence, though, this countertop filtration system is designed to remove far more impurities and bad taste than, say, a Brita filter does, and then REINTRODUCES minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and others readily found in many natural mineral waters, changing the pH balance of the water towards the alkaline side.

I’m certainly no expert, but there really does seem to be an improvement over tap and over our Brita. And ice cubes made with this water somehow even look better. Odd!

Pays for itself and delivers delicious water.

This filter works perfectly and the water tastes great. Installation was very easy and best of all fits so well that it didn't require extreme force to ensure a good leak-proof seal. They include fittings that should be able to fit any sink. I even tested it in a spare bathroom sink since I use that bathroom as my plant room in the winter. It fit perfectly on the bathroom faucet and the water was crisp, clean, and clear.

I plan on testing this in the plant room for a few days because of how convenient this makes accessing clean water for my sprouts. It offers an amazing level of convenience placing the faucet away from the sink area and provides a central watering location. Best of all, the water stops almost immediately when the flow is turned off resulting in very little spilled or wasted water. (I use a little tray to catch the few stray drops.)

This looks amazing no matter where you put it. The transparent top allows you to see the filtration media and it really adds to the experience when you get a glass of this clean and clear water. If I could make any suggestions it would be to use clear plastic for the supply tube instead of white. There may be a good reason for this, but I would prefer to see inside the tube and I also think it would blend in with the faucet/sink decor. The fixture is solid enough that it sits securely wherever you place it, too, so no worries about it falling over, etc. The faucet on the fixture is very handy in how it can be moved to suit your angle.

Overall we are just very happy with this filter. It delivers outstanding clean water and looks great. I look forward to the benefits that this water brings and hope the filter lasts as long as they say. I will update if it falls short of my expectations in any way. So far, so good!

Hope this helps!

Excellent service

Excellent service

We are very pleased with our Nu Agua system. We are on a well and even though our water is very good (the only real problem is a high iron content), this system removes any trace contaminates and the iron taste.



Loving the New R/O System

Great design, upgraded from our old unit. H2O taste great.

This product it’s asome!!

Sure. Guys , this product that is asome !! The water is. Pure!! Tanks

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