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Great product and easy to use

Combined with a filtration system this UV purifier assures good clean drinking water. It's working fine so far. It only turns on when the water is running through it, so you will not be replacing expense, clumsy bulbs every 6-9 months. I am so glad they came out with a UV LED version makes this system almost maintenance free.

Love this!!

This system makes such great tasting and smooth water. This water tastes great which makes it much easier to drink more during the day to stay adequately hydrated.

Great little unit

Given to me as a gift used to filter drinking water, works great so far. Super easy install.

Filter Subscription after a year

I am very pleased with my Filter Subscription for our Tankless RO system. Filters arrive plenty of time before needed, so no need to buy bottled water while waiting for filters that I ordered too late! Filters ship every 6 months, I recieve the filters needed at the correct time. I highly recommend this Subscription to everyone with a Filter system.

The nuaqua filter system looks good. Good design and great quality. But the problem for me is that the ph of my water doesn't change

Great customer service

We ordered a new RO handle/faucet for our tankless system. The first handle we received leaked at the turning handle site. We reached out to nu aqua systems and they sent us a new one right away. The new one we installed works great and works even better than the original one that came with the tankless system. Thank you!

Good product and I will buy again

I am already over three years a customer of Nu Aqua and like this product.

Plenty of room

Ample room to set up. Working well

it fit well.

Very convenient, plus a discount with auto-ship.

Fast refill

This is fast refill water filter.It tastes a little bit different because we have extra filter for minerals putting back in water.I think we love it .The only thing I didn’t think when I was buying it that it Needs electric outlet so my installer needed to build in outlet in our cabinet.Works great!

I like this product

I purchase these filters already many years and never had issues before. So I buy it again without any concerns.


Very convenient.
One thing that can be improved is the size of the water tank. I wish it was larger.

Excellent service and water

I've had the under counter RO system for over a year now and love it. When I replaced the remineralization filter, it had a faulty fixture and was slowly leaking. After we discovered the problem and contacted NU Aqua, they were prompt to replace the filter and follow up to be sure all was well. That kind of service is valuable to me. The system is now up and running and we're all loving it.

Great Filter System

I have been very happy with the system. Everything works as stated with NO drips and it's easy to hook up.

Three Unit User

Have 3 homes with systems and all work great for our drinking water.

Water filtration system

Our water went from 110 ppm to 20 ppm with this system

All parts arrived

All parts come according my order.
All good and I do recommend to purchase replacements directly from NuAqua

NuAqua. Highly recommend.

I was researching and looking for what kind filter to get. Many other brands had leak issues. Then I came across NuAqu, I purchased it installed it myself, installation was very easy. I had it for 2 weeks since I installed it. Water tastes great, and system works amazing. NO LEAKS. And customer service was very helpful with questions I had.

Thank you


I ordered 2 sets of filters for my water drinking system. The filters look like they are made of high quality. I haven't installed them yet but will in a few weeks.

Best thing

Honestly not sure why I didn’t buy this sooner. Water taste amazing. Best thing ever.


I bought this bc for the last year, I have been loosing clumps of hair in the shower. It has been thinning so bad, when I wear it up you can see the spots as well as the short hairs where there has been breakage. I’ve tried switching products, serums, every time I would shower same thing. I resorted to only showering twice a week when I loved to shower everyday previously. I bought this for my bathroom hoping it would help after I read hard water may be the reason for my hair loss. Immediately noticed the difference, I’m telling you I went from loosing hundreds of hair per shower, to not even one. Not even one hair falls out of my head when I shower and my hair has never been softer or felt light, it’s literally like I washed away heavy film sitting on my hair, I have acne prone skin and my body and face acne has also cleared up within a week of showering with this which I never even expected! I also bought the 8 stage water filter and it tastes better than any water I’ve had in my life and I’ve always been an avid water drinker. Plus, I don’t buy plastic water bottles anymore with this thing. Even my 6 and 12 year old who I have to pester to keep hydrated, drink from it all day saying the water tastes amazing. I will never go back and I’m so thankful I found nu Aqua. It has changed my life!