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Great units

I’m a plumbing contractor and I use these three stage units when customers ask for whole home water filtration no complaints so far


Great filters

Awesome water

Love the product. A little effort to install but not too bad. Great water now!


This was the 2nd RO system I have purchased, works very well but could use clearer installation instructions. The diagram does not show the installation of the RO membrane filter which does not come installed in the unit.

Perfect Countertop RO System

After getting fed up with Waterdrop Countertop RO system, I was recommended the NU Aqua one, and I am glad the water tank is enclosed, no more accidentally knocking a half tank over and spill the water all over the counter.

The hot water is a very nice additional, although I do wish there is a 212F (100C) option, but 200F would do.

Easy installation

The installation was made in a crowded under sink cabinet with a disposal. It needed to be accessible for cartridge changing so the ample water lines made for an easy installation.

Great replacement parts

Worked as expected!


So far we are pleased...including our rescue dog, MAX .

Prompt delivery of filters Love the RO and ease of changing filters!

Great Product

Great system and good tasting water.

I love a counter top reversed osmosis system

I love this system for the convenience and also it produce hot water immediately which I loved. However I wish the water tank is bigger, less noisy, and I don't have to throw away the water when refilling, I found it wasteful. Other than that, it was great, it produced such a great tasting water!

Tankless RO System first impressions

I have had the tankless RO System install and running fir a week now. I am so glad I purchased the tankless type over the standard. This system uses a pump to give you water on demand. Past years with the standard system of another brand we constantly ran out of water and had to wait. Tankless makes it easy to fill up your long term storage drinking water very easily as well. I had to install an electrical outlet under the sink for the pump but was not to difficuly to do. This system has alot less connections for places to leak also. Filter charging looks to be super easy with no waiting. I did have trouble finding any filtering data on web site but that could have been on me. Love the system so for.

Our Water is now drinkable

I couldn't stand the taste of our water and my stomach would hurt when I drank it. When I tested the water it was 547 ppm of Total Dissolved Solids. I installed the new system and couldn't believe how great the water tasted. I tested the water and I couldn't believe that it is now 42 ppm of TDS.

Great product works amazing but!!!

Everything is working well. But I have 2 issues.

1st issue the video for assembly is a little ambiguous because some of the parts look different. Also mine came more assembled than what the video showed.

2nd issue is that the uv light is not working. I tried calling the customer service and they didn’t pick up.

Other than that it works great I guess.

Good product. Bad instructions.

Product seems well made. The instructions were very low quality. A few steps are left out. Some parts in the instructions do not reflect what came in the actual kit.

Great RO system

This RO system is exactly what I was looking for. Sediment and Carbon filtration to remove suspended solids and chlorine.
Reverse osmosis to remove heavy metals and bacteria.
Ultra Violet to kill any remaining bacteria or germs.
Post calcium and magnesium sulfate to provide the “good” electrolytes that your body needs.

I am a Certified Water Technologist with 40 years in the water treatment field as a professional consultant.

I highly recommend this system.

Great looking satin nickel finish on this faucet. Easy on and off with no tight spots.

had a little trouble with the instructions because the routing was differant color than the instruction book< figured it out, had a watts system prior to this installation and their piping was just opposite which further confusion. working great good quality faucets

Excellent product!

I was buying high alkaline water from a place in town but a friend told me about this product. Ordered and installed and tested and getting consistent 9.3-9.8 alkaline reading and really increased the taste of my RO water. Really happy with it!

Nu 100gpd platinum reverse osmosis system

Great system, works great and very pleased with your product. Reduces the td's down to acceptable levels from my well water system. I had a competitors system that never worked right and replaced it with your R/O system and it's working perfectly and I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks for great and clean tasting water.