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Great Stuff

use this to make R/O water for my aquarium, works perfect, never had a leak and they sent me FREE replacement filters ... what's not to like!

Nu Aqua tastes great

The water tastes pure and clean, couldn’t be happier. Bonus is the nice faucet with light indicator. Good flow, fits nicely under sink.

Clean great tasting water.

3 months so far with the seven stage RO system and I am very pleased with how well the water tastes. The system was very big and didn’t fit under my sink. I had to install the filters and tank in the basement underneath my kitchen. My children won’t drink anything but water so I was happy to invest the time, money and energy into installing the filters. An added plus is the pump which has the ability to supply my fridge which is approx 12 feet away from the filters. Some other RO systems I looked at said they couldn’t supply ice makers.


Nice product and price. Easy install - overall satisfied

Great product

Installation went well. I put it in the basement below my kitchen so that I didn't lose the storage in my kitchen cabinet. I had no leaking issues at all.
The product seems to work great as well. You can even taste the difference in the water! The only thing that isn't a fault in the product, but that I don't love is the water comes out at room temperature and not cold because it is stored in the tank.

Simply the best!

Came mostly preassembled.
Quality of components seems exceptional!
Pressure at faucet was important to me and I'm completely satisfied.
Great tasting water... Satisfied customer!

Worth wait

Nicely put together and easy install. More features than I have seen before. Great product

Yeah it works.

I'm happy

So far so good... :)

So far, everything has went well -- the install was fine, the water seems fine, the sodium is gone....

Tastes Amazing

Even though the the filter system was not labeled as the instructions portrayed ( 1- 6). Instalation was rather simple. Having had reverse osmosis previously. The water was good. The new aqua water is much beter. It is so good i want to drink it.

Easy to install

Easy to install and works great. Much better than buying and haling water.

Bangkok rent house

No drilling allowed so I had to make do with installation. Hook-up is easy. The city water is toxic here 427ppm. After 3 flushes it puts out 31ppm, same as bottled water at Tesco. I am very pleased

Yeah it works.

I'm happy with it.

Easy to install

I followed the directions in the book that came with the R/O and everything went well. I was amazed that i didn't have to go to the hardware store. All parts were included!


I am only giving this 4 stars bc it is a replacement filter other wise good filter

Great product working good so far

All good

Great service and excellent product We love the water.

RO system review

Just letting you know the system is in and working great. This system was very affordable and does everything promised. I really like the minerals cartridge we installed. It gives the water a more natural taste. The only draw back to RO is that it strips ALL minerals from the water
and with this addition, there is NO drawback. Thanks again for all your help getting me up and running

Great quality system

Replaced a10 years old RO system with the Nu Aqua 5 Stage. Installation was easy, will see how easy it is when it's time to replace the filters, for now, everything seems to be great.

Great System

We replaced an old system and based on recommendations purchased the Nu Aqua Platinum 7. It has exceeded our expectations and will serve our family for years to come.

Great replacement filters, very inexpensive compared to other companies.

Not much to say. Same filters that came with the original system.

I live in Phoenix, AZ (very bad city water), and wanted to replace them at the 6-7 month mark, though if I lived somewhere with better tap water, I probably would've waited until the 12 month mark. The very first filter, (the white pre-filter) was disturbingly pink after its 7 months of use here in Phoenix, so it's clearly doing its job.

Decided to spend the extra $10 and also replace the RO membrane, even though it could've lasted another 6 months.

RO membranes from other companies cost nearly $100 alone. Hard to beat $10 for this one.

I'm not an expert, and cant comment on physical quality of these filters compared to more expensive companies. But the water that comes out the tap is clear and tastes very nice. My ice maker is also connected to the system, and the cubes are clear, compared to a very thick white before the system was installed.

Replacement Filter

Great product and exceptional prices with prompt delivery.

Very Satisfied

My husband installed the filter and it was very complicated and took a while but the filter works great and we love having clean water always available! It even came with a tool to test the PPM in the water so we feel confident in the filter's effectiveness. Water tastes good!

SOOOOOOOO much better

We are so enjoying our RO system! I have to mention that getting the free filter set was a deciding factor in choosing this unit. I love the ever so quiet pump with low water pressure here. Our humidifiers have never ever been so easy to clean. We are very happy about that!