When it comes to selecting the right reverse osmosis system for your home the options can be overwhelming. To determine the right system you must first look at where your water comes from. Whether your on municipal city water or your main water source is from a well, this is a big factor in determining which system will work best for you.

Unlike city water that is treated with chlorine for sterilization, well water is untreated and requires more filtration to be safe to drink. Since well water is direct from the source, your local environment has a heavy impact on the quality of your water. If you live near agriculture or livestock your water can be subjected to nitrates and nitrites from chemical fertilizers as well as bacteria and microorganisms from animal waste. Manufacturing and mining industries can produce waste that leaches heavy metals into groundwater that contaminate your water source. These are just a few of the potential hazards that can contaminant your well water. Depending on your locations there are hundreds of other factors that affect your water.

Some homes that have well water as their source will have a whole house ultraviolet filter in place. If your home does not, it's best to have at least a 6 stage system with the ultraviolet filter to ensure your water is properly sterilized. Our UV filters kill 99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms that can be found in well water.

Regardless if you're on well water or city water, your water pressure is important for a reverse osmosis system to work efficiently. For a reverse osmosis membrane to function properly a minimum water pressure of 40PSI is required. Homes that are on well water often fall below 40PSI and require a system that features a booster pump. If your source of water is from the city your water pressure should be over 40PSI and the use of a booster pump is optional.

Here are the general guidelines when selecting a system for your home.

Homes on well water:

  • - UV is always required unless you're water is already sterilized

  • Booster pumps are almost always needed due to lower water pressure

  • Alkaline filters are optional

Homes on city water:

  • UV is completely optional since your water has been treated (unless there is a known problem)

  • Booster pumps are optional unless you're home's water pressure is below 40PSI

  • Alkaline filters are optional

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