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NU Aqua Platinum Series 7 Stage Alkaline and UV Ultraviolet 100GPD RO System


With the goal of providing clean and easily accessible drinking water to the masses, NU Aqua’s strive for excellence has made them a front runner in the water filtration industry. Established in 2007, NU Aqua has revolutionized the industry with the highest quality home and commercial filtration products. From shower filters, whole house filtration systems, and under sink filtration systems, NU Aqua products have reimagined what it means to have pure drinking water. However, no product stands as a testament to their philosophy of clean drinking water quite like the NU Aqua Platinum Series 7 Stage UV 100GPD RO System. Featuring an elaborate yet easy to use the 6-stage system, this reverse osmosis system will provide you with the cleanest drinking water possible in the comfort of your own home.

How It Works


Incoming water is sent through the first stage which utilizes a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter. This will remove large particles such as dirt, silt, rust, and sand. The removal of these contaminants extends the life of your system which will save you money on replacements filters and maintenance. Once the larger particles are removed from your water it will be processed through a 10” tall HydraCoil™ Technology granular activated carbon filter which removes the finer, deep-seated particles such as sludge, rust, color, odor pesticides, and other organic pollutants.

The next stage of the NU Aqua Platinum Series will have your water will be passed through a coconut carbon block filter which will remove any remaining chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and any bad taste or odor. Once the water has left the pre-filters it will be processed by the TFC reverse osmosis membrane. This thin, semipermeable membrane is created from a roll of multiple sheets that water is forced through to remove remaining dissolvable solids such as salt. This purified water will now be sent to the NSF approved RO storage tank where it is stored and ready to be used.

Now that the water is safe and contaminant free, we've added an extra stage to ensure that the water is the best quality possible. When the reverse osmosis faucet is opened the RO, water stored in the NSF approved water pressure tank is drawn through an inline T33 granular activated coconut shell carbon filter. This filter will polish the water and remove any remaining bad taste or odor in your water.

Superior Quality


The NU Aqua Platinum Series Reverse Osmosis system utilizes HydraCoil™ technology for up to 50% cleaner water than comparable systems. Using a specialty manufacturing process NU Aqua Platinum carbon filters provide a higher absorption rate due to the molecular structure of the pores becoming more permeable. This allows even the smallest of particulates to be efficiently removed from your water. Utilizing ultra-fine carbon mist forced through high-pressure injection these filters are produced with the finest and most resilient carbon media on the market. This process improves the absorption rate by up to 50% over standard carbon. It also allows for up to 99% of contaminants to be removed from your drinking water. These contaminants include but are not limited to; lead fluoride, sodium, viruses, bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, and many more.

The Cleanest Drinking Water Possible


Whether your water comes from a ground or surface source, it may contain viruses and bacteria that can be harmful to you or your family. However, with the NU Aqua Platinum Series 6 Stage UV 100GPD RO System, you will never have to jeopardize your health ever again. Featuring a state-of-the-art UV bulb, this kit will sterilize your water before it reaches the faucet. This UV filtration eliminates up to 99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that would otherwise be consumed.

A Difference You Can Taste


Clean drinking water doesn’t have to taste bland. Acting as the last filter before your clean drinking water reaches your faucet, the NU Aqua Alkaline Filter features a 5-Stage remineralization process. This 5-Stage filter utilizes ORP Balls, Calcite, Maifan, Tourmaline, and BioCeramic to take your water to the next level. The result is not only water that tastes better, but water that increases antioxidants and natural minerals your body needs. 

 Easy Installation


You don’t need to be a plumber to enjoy clean drinking water at home. Each Nu Aqua Platinum Series Reverse Osmosis system also comes with easy-to-follow instructions that show you how to easily install and run your brand new water filter. Installation of the NU Aqua Platinum Series takes less than an hour to complete. The construction of this reverse osmosis system ensures you will never be lost when working on your system. From color-coded tubing to quick connector fittings, the NU Aqua Platinum Series is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

A Product You Can Trust


The NU Aqua Platinum Series has gone through rigorous testing for leaks, pressure, long cycles, and water quality. This testament to quality design and function has allowed NU Aqua to provide an industry-leading warranty of 5 years. The NU Aqua Platinum Series also offers free lifetime phone and email tech support Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm.


  • 100 GPD Flow Rate
  • Removal of up to 99% of Contaminants
  • Industry Leading 5-Year Warranty
  • Easy Installation

Product Includes:

  • 7-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
  • 3.2 Gallon Storage Tank
  • Premium Chrome Faucet
  • 7-Stages of Filters
  • Feed Water Adapter
  • Drain Saddle Valve
  • 4-Color ¼” Tubing
  • Filter Housing Wrench
  • TDS Meter
  • Complete Digital Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

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Works nice





A really good product

first off I have very hard water that is very alkaline and leaves rust stains on everything, 1 bag of salt in the softener per week. I had a little difficulty with with one of the o rings for the pre-filterers that was distorted during packing or shipping that I thought was well seated which caused a major leak-flood when the water was turned on as well as a leak from one of the small plastic connections that was factory installed, turned out to be a small burr on the end of the line an easy repair but a big clean up. would not have been a big deal if my house had a proper ball valve rather than the cheap piece of crap that was there that was swedged onto the pex preventing me from using the valve provide in the kit and also prevented me from being able to turn the water on and off quickly. I strongly recommend connection to the original water line be well planed out first. over all a very good system and the water taste is great.

Great product


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NU Aqua Platinum Series 7 Stage Alkaline and UV Ultraviolet 100GPD RO System

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