About Us

We believe clean water is a basic human right. It's our mission to make clean water accessible to everyone.  

NU Aqua founder with pregnant wife

How it Started

When Jack, the founder of NU Aqua, found out his wife was pregnant with their first child, he went into full-on dad mode. He went on a quest to research the absolute best way to give his baby the best start in life. And he kept coming back to the same thing...the importance of water to health.

But the more he research, the more shocked he became of how bad the water was throughout the United States. US tap water is loaded with contaminants like lead, mercury, and even "forever chemicals!

Father and son changing reverse osmosis filter

Jack knew he needed a good water filter, right away. The problem was the market was filled with either good quality water filters at incredibly high prices or the well-priced water filters were mostly very low quality, with questionable filtration mediums and low-grade components.

He knew there had to be a better way...so that's how NU Aqua was born, right alongside his healthy, and vibrant baby boy!

Father changing filter with son.
Examining NU Aqua Filter

Our Mission

NU Aqua's mission is to provide highest-quality water filters at affordable prices, so anyone no matter their economic situation can have access to clean, healthy and great tasting water.

Our approach is simple: Quality is the most important thing. We're committed to use only the best premium filtration mediums. We even back it up with the industry's only 120-day money-back guarantee!

We're a group of hard-working people, in Brea California who are really passionate about helping familiest everywhere live healthier lives through clean water. 

No to Middlemen, Yes to Quality and Savings!

NU Aqua team inside of warehouse

We've cut out the middleman, bypassing extra costs that have no impact on quality. But what does cutting out the middleman really mean?

At NU Aqua, we partner directly with our factories to ensure that every step of the product jouney is thoughtfully controlled for the utmost quality. This includes our raw materials, design and production processes. We have trusted relationships with all of our factory partners, visit them often and conduct quality checks frequently, so you can feel confident that your filtration system is the highest quality and crafted under the best standards. 

By doing this directly and only selling directly to you, we're able to cut down on meaningless costs while providing a product that is not only the highest of quality but the most affordable in the market. And guess who gets all those savings? You do!

NU Aqua team in warehouse