NU Aqua Efficiency Series Tankless Stage 1 Sediment / Carbon Block Replacement Filter


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The first stage of this filter is a spun polypropylene sediment filter that is designed to do the heavy lifting. Effective at removing sediment, rust and larger particles from your water which helps lengthen the lifespan of the other filter in your system.

The second stage of this filter is a carbon block filter that removes chlorine, lead, metals, arsenic, asbestos, mercury, VOC’s taste, and odor.


Lifespan: 3-6 Months

Customer Reviews

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Ernest H
Satisfied Customer

Replaced or a traditional undersink RO with this system and it seems to be the right choice. The ordering process was simple and receipt of the unit was very fast. I appreciate the fact that it doesn't waste nearly as much water at the traditional system not only because I live in the desert and that's anathema to my being, but also because I hated hearing that incessant trickle for 15 minutes while the traditional system balanced itself out.

James R

nice and simple filters to replace

Carl Rewerts
Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systemm

I had a lot of trouble hooking up the unit. The connections to the water supply lines were not standard. I needed 3/8ths connections and I believe they sent me 7/16ths. Had to go to several hardware stores to find a work around.

Huy Tran
Easy to install and works great so far

I like the system so far. It looks nice and doesn't take up a lot of space like my previous tank RO system. The water flow is good and the water is clean. I bought it because it's the most efficient at not wasting water at this price point and the replacement filter costs are reasonable (right now, I did buy extra in case prices increase).

It didn't come with a 3/8th inch adapter, it was larger than what I needed, but NuAqua was kind enough to credit back the cost to purchase my own adapter. I still need to install an undersink electrical outlet but the power cable is long enough to plug on my counter sockets so keep that in mind. I don't think the instructions mentioned to use teflon tape but it did help prevent leaks for me.