NU Aqua Efficiency Series Tankless Stage 1 Sediment / Carbon Block Replacement Filter


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The first stage of this filter is a spun polypropylene sediment filter that is designed to do the heavy lifting. Effective at removing sediment, rust and larger particles from your water which helps lengthen the lifespan of the other filter in your system.

The second stage of this filter is a carbon block filter that removes chlorine, lead, metals, arsenic, asbestos, mercury, VOC’s taste, and odor.


Lifespan: 3-6 Months

Customer Reviews

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Steve Brown
Works good

Easy install. Looks good and works good

Penny Cooper
600GPD To system filter

Our water tastes better even a bad taste I had in my mouth is going away. I drink more water than I did before

Karen Spettel
Great Product - Great Customer Service Review #2

This is my 2nd review for this product & service giving 5 stars each time. We’re very happy with the product’s functionality & Customer Service received; “Thanks, Adrian!” Each time we’ve replaced a filter, we had to contact Customer Service. Note 1: Used filters are difficult to remove; fearful of breakage we called Customer Service during Nu Aqua business hours. Adrian ensured us next removal should be easier. Note 2: We told Adrian Nu Aqua ROS Owner’s Manual “Filter Replacement” Steps 3 & 4 need clarity. The following are notes I’ve added in our Owner’s Manual & have retyped for this review; I’m thinking they will help other customers. Hopefully Nu Aqua will add them to their FAQs page. Step 3: Now that the expired filter has been replaced you must rest the filter indicator reminder. (This resets the reminder filter indicator light that comes on when filter needs to be changed.) Hold down the button for the filter you’ve replaced for 3 seconds until the light flashes. Step 4: Now that your filter is installed and the filter indicator reminder is reset, you must flush your system again. Turn on feed water valve, open your faucet. Note: The new filter needs to remove air AKA “burp”; this will take a few minutes before water comes out. Once water flows, let it drain for 10 minutes. Once complete your system is ready to be used. Note 3: I’m done. Thanks for your time reading my review.

Linda Carrey
The Taste Is Gone

The water with the Nu Aqua System was delicious when we first bought it, but after the first filter replacement it never returned! I have called Nu Aqua several times and no satisfactory answer was given. I even hired a professional plumber to install the filters and replaced all three at the same time. Same result.

When you call, you are told to read the manual. Very disappointing. I would not buy this system again.

Nancy Cook

Item came on time.