NU Aqua Platinum Series 6 Stage Alkaline 100GPD RO System

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Customer Reviews

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Finally installed

Installation was pretty easy. Fair amount of effort since it did not go under a sink. After mounting the filter and setting the tank I found it easier to use the schematic for the connections. I was concerned about the volume of waste water so I put a T on the drain line with a valve to drain water to a bucket. Also, I had existing filters and piping installed for the house and for the faucet/fridge. I left them in place. Took longer to run the drain line and do the framing than actually installing the filter. Start up and flushing went well. Not nearly as much waste that I thought. Probably close to a 5 gallon bucket after everything. Took a while to chase the air out of the system. Seemed like it did continue to drain without stopping like in some reviews. Eventually I adjusted the top filter to just make it straight and the same with the shut off valve. Sounded like air bled through and a little later it did shut down. Ran through a few more cycles and it worked fine.
So far, seems pretty good.
No leaks
We did not really like the chrome faucet. Already had a nickel one installed, so we left it.

Ethan Frankel
Installed below

I just finished installing the Nu Aqua 5 stage RO Filter System. Everything is working well and soon will be drinking filtered water. The instructions and support could have been better but it was ok. My sink cabinet is empty by design! I could not afford to fill the sink cabinet with a filter system including tank so I installed it at basement ceiling just below. Customer service was not so helpful on this as they said they would not guarantee there would be enough water pressure with the storage tank about 14” lower than the floor of the sink cabinet. My water pressure measures 45psi and it seems to be working fine. My water connection is in basement ceiling from the T which goes to icemaker. My overflow drain is not near sink trap as it is going downhill into the utility sink in basement. The very first instruction under “incoming water” was misleading as it referred to the red tubing and mine was not red. My vertical filters were not labeled with the stage number. There is no mention of inserting the “RO Membrane” into the housing. The directions are ok but could be better. The video is simple and helpful but not detailed. The constant emails about specials on replacement filters started arriving before I even got the system installed. Overall the system installed with problems with some studying. I look forward to enjoying the water!

A must in Nevada

Just moved here and the water is not good to drink! This system kill the brain eating organism and other crap in the water!

great tasting water, set up was fair and I enjoy it.

The only thing I didn't like was the setup manual. It has other model set ups combined in one manual so it was slightly confusing to follow it. I had to re read some sections over and over to ensure I was doing everything correctly. Other than that I love it. Water tastes really good. I had a 3 stage under sink RO before and this one is way better. It took about 2 weeks for it to stop making noises due to air pockets but nothing alarming. Thank you.

Pretty Easy to Order

Ordering was pretty easy. Earl helped fine tune the model that was well suited without going crazy with stuff I didn't really need or want. Will have to re-review when installed.