NU Aqua Platinum Series 6 Stage UV Ultraviolet 100GPD RO System with Booster Pump

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Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
Christian Lindner
Great tasting water

I've been forced to buy bottled waters to find any water that didn't taste funny; but with this filter the water tastes great and the ppm is WAY down.

Matt Chapman
It’s good

Love the fresh tasting water - no chlorine taste!
Need to include attachment to run to fridge/ice maker. That’s would make it better since it has such a special water line.

Robert Weyer
NuAqua 7 stage install

Installed in RV added a valve to fill my fresh water tank with filtered water.
Water before filter is approx. 250ppm after filter 20 ppm.
The night time picture shows the UV light is on.
Love my new filter.

Paul Shubin
Great Product

Installed it myself and enjoy the water quality! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to purify their tap water

Lam Nguyen
Self install for the first time.

This was the first time I had purchased this kind of system and the first time installing it. The installation manual was confusing because some of the steps were already completed. I had to skip a few steps to get to my starting point. I suggest you also watch the video installation provided via the QR code. I did have two leaks. One at the top of the tank because I didn't tighten the flow switch. And the second was the washer for the UV filter, which needed to be placed over the glass.

Overall, I would highly recommend this system. If you can read and outstand a manual, then you should be able to install it, but it will probably take you all day.