NU Aqua Undersink 3/8" Quick Change 1 Stage Filtration System

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Purchase with confidence! All Nu Aqua Reverse Osmosis Systems come with a 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your system in 120 Days send it back for a full refund. Click here to learn more.


If you’re looking for better filtration than those pitcher filters but don’t want to install an entire reverse osmosis system under their sink, the NU Aqua Under Sink 3/8" Single Stage Water Filter is what your household needs. Whether you want cleaner water for drinking and cooking or you’re tired of your hands and dishes feeling filmy after you wash them, this water filter removes 99.9% of harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine, and mercury without getting rid of essential minerals your body needs.


Not only is this filter highly effective in getting rid of contaminants, it’s easy to install, clean, and maintain. Unlike reverse osmosis systems that take up lots of space under your sink and can be difficult to install, this single under-sink filter only requires you to shut off the water supply to your sink, connect your existing water line into this filter, mount, and turn your water back on- that’s it! And unlike other water filters that require an entirely new faucet or unit (like a box filter or a pitcher), this pure, healthy drinking water comes right out of your existing faucet.


Simple to install and easy to maintain, the NU Aqua Undersink 3/8" Single Stage Water Filter will give any sink in your home the clean, filtered water you need on demand. No extra faucets to install, no drilling into pipes or adding complicated hoses under your sink: just a simple filter and clean water on demand.


Product Specifications:

  • This filter lasts a minimum of 8-12 months or 5,000 Gallons

  • Removes up to 99.9% of Lead, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Chromium 6, Mercury, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Glyphosate, Trihalomethanes, Perfluorinated compounds (PFC’s) and Detergent.

  • Reduces and eliminates turbidity, odors, and bad tastes.

  • Direct connection to existing, standard house plumbing for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

  • Flow Rate: 2GPM @ 65PSI


Package Includes:

  • NU Aqua Under Sink 3/8" Single Stage Water Filter

    • Inlet Hose: 3/8 female compression x ¼ standard pipe thread

    • Outlet Hose: ¼ standard pipe thread x 3/8 female compression

  • Mounting Bracket

  • Mounting Bracket Screw

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Thanks to Alvin for the help!

Thanks to Alvin for answering my questions while I was buying this product. I'm very happy with it!

christopher ewert

Easy installation and a great filter. Water has no longer the unpleasant taste or smell!!

Cristian Martinez
Easy to install

After doing a lot of research looking for a under the sink water filter, this one got my attention, first because I wanted something easy and practical, at the same time the price was reasonable I intended to use it mainly for water to cook, and this seems to service the purpose, on the down side it is very disappointed that no filter replacement are available on the market, in order to get a replacement for the unit, you have to buy a whole new unit, to me is not about the cost but the environmental impact why would you buy a new unit and trash a good working one when you can only replace the filter that's why I give three stars review!

Tony Tipton
Single stage filter

This under sink single stage filter works very well. My concern right now is when will replacement filters be available

Vincent L.

Quick, easy install. An Excellent solution to the slooow filtered water from the fridge.
Wish there was a way to gage use but other than that, love it.