NU Aqua Undersink 3/8" Quick Change 1 Stage Filtration System

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
William Schlesinger
Better than I expected

I had a 3 stage filter that was connected to the plumbing with plastic tubing and push connectors - sprung a leak twice and was cumbersome to replace the filters not to mention the increased cost. I installed the under sink filter (secure stainless connectors) extremely simple installation. I now get good tasting water right from my kitchen sink faucet. Recommend it to anyone who wants filtered drinking water.

Michelle L.
great first step to RO water!

We don't have a plug under the sink to be able to do the full RO system hookup, so we settled on this one step filter before we can find a way to rewire the garbage disposal electrical box. Water tastes so much better (SE region), and install was pretty easy. At first we thought we needed to get pieces to make the hoses to fit on the right places, but we ended up switching the male to the female side and vice versa and it worked. Overall really happy with the cleaner water.

Thanks to Alvin for the help!

Thanks to Alvin for answering my questions while I was buying this product. I'm very happy with it!

christopher ewert

Easy installation and a great filter. Water has no longer the unpleasant taste or smell!!

Vincent L.

Quick, easy install. An Excellent solution to the slooow filtered water from the fridge.
Wish there was a way to gage use but other than that, love it.