NU Aqua Premium Universal Shower Filter System

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The NU Aqua Shower Filter is an excellent way to improve your shower water quality without breaking the bank. This system is affordable and can be simply installed in just a few minutes. No need for a plumber or an expensive whole-house system. Installing directly before your shower head, this filter features premium-grade KDF55 filtration media. 

This filter uses KDF55 in combination with granular activated carbon which controls scale, bacteria, and algae in hot water environments. It can remove up to 99% water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. This medium combination is highly effective at removing chlorine and heavy metals.

Most homes have water that's been treated with chlorine and fluoride. While this may be beneficial to our health in terms of having sanitary water, it's damaging to our skin, hair, and nails. With the NU Aqua Shower Filter, you can take your health and beauty into your own hands in just minutes.


  • Alleviates dandruff, eczema, and itchy inflamed skin
  • Protects your hair from chlorine damage
  • Prevents damage to your nails
  • Leaves your skin feeling refreshed


  • Universal fitment 
  • Installs in minutes
  • Spa-grade quality carbon media
  • Premium KDF55 filtration media

Included Components: 

  • Complete NU Aqua Shower Filter
  • Teflon Tape 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Alyssa Angus

    I bought this bc for the last year, I have been loosing clumps of hair in the shower. It has been thinning so bad, when I wear it up you can see the spots as well as the short hairs where there has been breakage. I’ve tried switching products, serums, every time I would shower same thing. I resorted to only showering twice a week when I loved to shower everyday previously. I bought this for my bathroom hoping it would help after I read hard water may be the reason for my hair loss. Immediately noticed the difference, I’m telling you I went from loosing hundreds of hair per shower, to not even one. Not even one hair falls out of my head when I shower and my hair has never been softer or felt light, it’s literally like I washed away heavy film sitting on my hair, I have acne prone skin and my body and face acne has also cleared up within a week of showering with this which I never even expected! I also bought the 8 stage water filter and it tastes better than any water I’ve had in my life and I’ve always been an avid water drinker. Plus, I don’t buy plastic water bottles anymore with this thing. Even my 6 and 12 year old who I have to pester to keep hydrated, drink from it all day saying the water tastes amazing. I will never go back and I’m so thankful I found nu Aqua. It has changed my life!

    A sensation of age speed reduction

    This particular type/style of shower filter literally changes one's perspective of taking time out of a hectic schedule FOR a shower-it becomes a more desirable shower to take as the purified water feels remarkably better, smoother/softer, cleaner. One steps out feeling 3 showers cleaner with a much improved skin sensation and hassle-free soft hair. Family wide remarks, 1 of our kittens actually jumps into tub anticipating a filtered spray! THAT truly says something as (most cats "claim" to not like water).☆

    Susan Stone
    NuAqua Shower Filter

    Living in Arizona with incredibly hard water I noticed my family had experienced problems with hair loss and extremely dry hair. Once I installed the shower filter I could instantly tell a difference. So far I’m very happy with all of my NuAqua products. I’m a customer for life!

    Tammy Trexler
    Nu Aqua shower filter unit

    I am very happy with my Shower filter unit from Nu Aqua. I dont smell the nasty strong chemicals and metals and the water is very soft on my skin. Thank you Nu Aqua!

    John Stuart
    Great Investment

    I live in the Phoenix metro area which is notorious for hard water (not to mention heat). I bought two of these Nu Aqua in line shower filters due to reviews and price. I am not disappointed and happy about my purchase.