NU Aqua Platinum Series Filter Replacement Set

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This NU Aqua filter set includes all replacement filters except the membrane for the NU Aqua Platinum Series Reverse Osmosis System. These filters have gone through rigorous development and testing in our lab to provide consistent great tasting, clean and healthy water on demand while maintaining superior performance.

High-quality filters not only improve the water produced by your reverse osmosis system it extends the longevity of its components. Effectively removing contaminants early in the filtration process protects fittings, housings, and valves so that your system can keep running with little to no maintenance.

HydraCoil utilizes a specialty technology manufacturing process for up to 50% cleaner water than comparable systems. Our carbon filters provide a higher absorption rate due to the molecular structure of the pores becoming more permeable which allows even the smallest of particulates to be efficiently removed from your water. This allows the system to provide up to a 99% rejection rate of 1000+ contaminants such as arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, and lead.

Fits most standard under sink reverse osmosis systems that use 10” x 2.5” filter sizes. For most under sink RO systems, this is the most common industry standard filter size.

Package Includes:

1x High capacity spun polypropylene sediment filter

1x HydraCoil Technology granular activated carbon filter

1x HydrCoil Technology coconut carbon block filter

1x T33 granular activated coconut shell carbon post filter

( Does not include RO membrane)

Customer Reviews

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Titan Hawke
Great System - Financially logical thing to purchase for the wellness of your family

RO system has always been the first thing we purchase in our homes, home away from home. As a military family, we take health very seriously. Drinking water is crucial since we don't know what is in our public tap/drinking water. NuAqua System is very trustworthy and very simple to install. I just wish they had a better technology built into it. Otherwise it's very affordable and should be in every home.

thank you!

So glad you were able to get the filters in! We love our reverse osmosis system!

Raphaela Schraufnagel
Reverse Osmosis system

Good product. Filter was easy to install.

Bob R
Filter Replacement set

I haven't put the new filters into service yet, but I will say that customer service has been really nice so far. We very much appreciate the improvement to our water quality with the RO system.

Minh In