NU Aqua 1/4" Quick Connect High Capacity Inline Alkaline Remineralization Filter

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The NU Aqua inline Alkaline filter is the perfect addition to any reverse osmosis system. This filter features ¼” quick connect fittings so it can be easily attached between the system and faucet which will instantly provide naturally mineralized ph positive water.

Five stages of remineralizing.

  1. Bioceramic media activates water molecules to increase oxygen levels.
  2. Tourmaline naturally transforms the water’s ability to alkalize
  3. Calcite boosts alkalinity and offsets the acidity of water caused by dissolved carbon dioxide.
  4. Maifan absorbs dissolved heavy metals while replenishing beneficial minerals.
  5. ORP balls are formulated with natural minerals to revitalize and enhance water to create antioxidants.



  • PH Balanced
  • Restore beneficial minerals
  • ¼” quick connect compatible with most reverse osmosis systems
  • Quick change filters


  • Lifespan: 8-12 months or 5,000gal
  • Max Pressure: 35PSI - 100PSI
  • Temperature: 39°F - 100°F

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Kliestik
Best under sink filter yet

We had it installed and we are very happy with the filter.My daughter noticed immediately the difference in taste because we also installed the alkaline filter which we didn’t have before.But we are happy and I subscribed for every 6 months filter delivery.

Timothy E Reitz
Excellent product!

I was buying high alkaline water from a place in town but a friend told me about this product. Ordered and installed and tested and getting consistent 9.3-9.8 alkaline reading and really increased the taste of my RO water. Really happy with it!

David Corey
No more cases of purified water from Sam's!

I did a taste test, and this water is just as good as what I have been buying, if not better. I did the math and the savings in bottled water made this filter chump change. My city's tap water is full of chemicals, and now I don't need to worry about what Texas is putting in the water. Taking a shower can be a genuine concern about what's on my skin, but with this filter, I know what is going on in my body. This is now the only way to go to ensure good clean water. My 600GPD RO system provides both water for my planting needs and now purified water for my body needs. Great support people, and a great company mission.