NU Aqua 1/4" Inline Quick Connect Refrigerator Filter

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Tired of terrible tasting water coming from your refrigerator’s water dispenser? The NU Aqua 1/4" Inline Quick Connect Refrigerator Filter removes 99.9% of contaminants from the tap water coming out of your refrigerator. Not only that, but unlike reverse osmosis filtration that leaves your water completely blank, this filter gets rid of contaminants while leaving essential minerals your body needs intact.


NU Aqua knows how important fresh water is for you, especially when it’s coming from a source like your refrigerator. That’s why this refrigerator filter gets rid of 99.9% of heavy metals like lead and mercury, as well as inorganic contaminants like chlorine. It also gets rid of volatile organic compounds, carcinogens, turbidity, odors, and bad tastes from your water to give you clean, healthy, and tasty water on demand.


Modern fridges do a lot, but they can’t filter your water. That is, unless you use a Nu Aqua 1/4" Inline Quick Connect Refrigerator Filter. Easy to install and even easier to use, this filter will give you gallons and gallons of healthy filtered water straight from your refrigerator.


Product Specifications:

  • A single filter lasts a minimum of 8-12 months or 5,000 Gallons

  • Removes up to 99.9% of Lead, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Chromium 6, Mercury, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Various Carcinogens, and many other contaminants.

  • Reduces and eliminates turbidity, odors, and bad tastes.

  • Fits all ¼” flexible plastic tubing and flexible copper tubing used for ice makers and refrigerator water dispensers.

    • These also fit 1/8” PEX tubing, as it’s the same outer dimension as ¼” tubes

    • Note: This filter DOES NOT fit braided hoses

  • Flow Rate: 3GPM @ 65PSI


Package Includes:

  • NU Aqua 1/4" Inline Quick Connect Refrigerator Filter

    • ¼” JG inlet

    • ¼” JG outlet

  • Mounting Bracket

  • Mounting Bracket Screw


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Was received as advised, and is working well.


It does the job!

sean keller

Perfect match!

John Fiumara
Great upgrade to my Car/camping water supply

I run a 12v pump from a 10 gallon reservoir in my Subaru Forester to rinse my adventure gear, and added this filter off a three way split with a nozzle to make filtered water in my car. Very satisfied.

Stephen Bosch
easy install filters

all the parts were supplied to easily install the under sink and fridge water filters