Float Valve w/ 1/4" Quick Connect Fitting

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Gro1 float valve is specially engineered to control the water flow in the reservoir or tank with zero maintenance. The biggest benefit is that you can mount it in a horizontal or vertical position. It comes with ¼ inch quick connect fitting, ½ inch barbed fitting, a rubber seal, and a mounting nut.

  • Quick Connect Fitting Does Not Thread: This float valve has a ¼ inch quick connect fitting that does not thread on. 
  • Adjustment Wingnut: It has an adjustable wingnut that lets you adjust the float valve level easily.
  • Quick Mounting: You can mount the valve vertically or horizontally without taking much time.
  • Food-Grade Construction: Gro1 float valve is made using BPA-free food-grade plastic and high-end stainless steel.

Gro1 float valve allows you to fill up the open tank with purified water. It also helps you shut off the water supply automatically once the level in your storage reservoir or tank causes the float to lift. This valve has high flow at both low and high pressures as compared to the competitor valves.

Gro1 float valve is suitable for a broad range of industrial, plumbing, and agricultural applications. You can mount the float valve in the vertical or horizontal position of your reservoir or tank. 

It is equipped with a ¼” quick connect fitting that does not thread on. It means you can easily eliminate it and use any other fitting like elbow, reducer, T, etc. The float valve also has quick disconnection without requiring any tool.

Gro1 float valve is very easy to maintain. Adjustable wingnut allows easy adjusting of the float valve level. Moreover, the float arm helps you adjust the water level to a breeze. When the float is installed, simply insert ¼ inch OD tubing into the quick connect fitting. 

It has simple working. Valve is shut or opened using a lever that consists of a flat on end. When the level of water increases, the float increases with it. 

Once it reaches the pre-set, the float forces the lever to shut the valve and water flow. The float valve gets active if the water level in the tank is below the lower control level. Buy Gro1 float valve for your reservoir or storage tank today to prevent overflow of water.


  • Model No./ SKU: DL-741114

  • Brand: Gro1

  • Outlet Connection Size: 0.375 inches

Customer Reviews

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Bradley O Sullivan
Very Unique Design

I love this float valve and have yet to see one like it. The quick connect fitting makes it extremely easy to set up and if a lot more effective in leak proofing compared to the crush feral design valves. Good quality as well!