7 Stage Subscription (Delivered Every 6 Months)

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The NU Aqua 7 Stage Filter Club subscription provides you with the exact filters you need when you need them. This set is intended for the NU Aqua Platinum Series 7 Stage with and without a booster pump. 

How it works:

Your first order will contain the appropriate replacement filters for your first 6-month filter change. 

  1. Stage 1 Sediment Filter
  2. Stage 2 Carbon GAC Filter
  3. Stage 3 Carbon Block Filter
  4. Stage 5 Post Filter

Now on the following order 6 months later you will receive everything needed to replace all the filters in your system.

  1. Stage 1 Sediment Filter
  2. Stage 2 Carbon GAC Filter
  3. Stage 3 Carbon Block Filter
  4. Stage 4 100GPD Membrane
  5. Stage 5 Post Filter
  6. Stage 6 UV Bulb
  7. Alkaline Filter


Now if you have a NU Aqua 7 Stage reverse osmosis system and you’re subscribed to the filter club, your system will be covered with a lifetime warranty. Not only do you have your system covered for life but you get your filters at a 10% discount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marc Collins
Good system

Good system and generally good customer service. My only complaints would be that I couldn’t get a matching brushed nickel faucet without spending another $45. Don’t understand why they couldn’t just switch it out when other brands will do that. I also didn’t realize that the RO system would drain 3 gallons to every one gallon used so water is frequently making noise going down the drain. Assume other RO systems do that but don’t know. Water quality is good. Warranty is good.

Jeffrey DeCamp
Excellent water Quality

We live in an area with horrible quality well water. We are also on a community well shared with 5 other homes. Without the RO system the water is not drinkable. However, with the system it brings the ppm down to 27 from almost 800. Tastes great, easy to install and after 6 months the filters were still working fine. We went ahead and changed them anyways because of the recommendation of doing it every 6-9 months. We are planning on getting the whole home system next and are hopefully it will work equally as well.

David Johnson
Easy and effective

Easy to change out all the components, didn't even need any tools (just a bucket)!

Fahad Ismail
Great Value for the Money

I am really happy with this product, for the price this is really a quality build the water quality is Fresh and is easily comparable to bottled spring water. It's clear and crisp. The unit does show the UV light ON through the connectors unlike what I read in the other reviews that you cannot see the UV light On/Working. I highly recommend this product.

Jesse Flury
Nu Aqua 7 stage UV with Booster Pump

Awesome unit