5 Stage Subscription (Delivered Every 6 Months)

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The NU Aqua 5 Stage Filter Club subscription provides you with the exact filters you need when you need them. This set is intended for the NU Aqua Platinum Series 5 Stage with and without a booster pump. 

How it works:

Your first order will contain the appropriate replacement filters for your first 6-month filter change. 

  1. Stage 1 Sediment Filter
  2. Stage 2 Carbon GAC Filter
  3. Stage 3 Carbon Block Filter
  4. Stage 5 Post Filter

Now on the following order 6 months later you will receive everything needed to replace all the filters in your system.

  1. Stage 1 Sediment Filter
  2. Stage 2 Carbon GAC Filter
  3. Stage 3 Carbon Block Filter
  4. Stage 4 100GPD Membrane
  5. Stage 5 Post Filter



Now if you have a NU Aqua 5 Stage reverse osmosis system and you’re subscribed to the filter club, your system will be covered with a lifetime warranty. Not only do you have your system covered for life but you get your filters at a 10% discount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julie Kindt
Highly recommend

We installed our water filtration system on October 21,2022. This picture shows that’s on October 24th just a few days later our filter removed all that sediment that would have otherwise ended up being ingested. In just 12 days our system has removed quite a lot of pollution. We knew we had very polluted water, but this system has confirmed how bad our town water actually is. (Our water currently is not visually brown when it comes directly from the town) I am very pleased at how clean the filtered water tastes. I highly recommend purchasing from Nu Aqua, they have been quick to answer all my questions.

Shawn Mutina
Just As Expected

Product was just as expected & came in a timely manner. Easy install.

Ryan M
5stage platinum series

Install was straight forward. I installed remotely in our utility room instead of under the sink. I think it should come with more tubing for this exact reason. This was the only con, having to buy more tubing to have in a remote location.


I already left a review a week or so ago. I do not want to keep doing it. I do like the water now and would recommend. But I will only do it once and it has been done.