America has a drinking water crisis. 

And most water filters don't remove the really bad stuff from your water, anyways.

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Remember Flint, Michigan's drinking water problems? Or the Ohio train spill in 2023?

Those are just the tip of America's tainted water iceburg.

Because drinking water in the US has been tarnish for decades.

In fact, a recent UN study says over 2 million Americans lack clean water.

And we can thank two major sources of contaminantion for that:


City Infrastructure

Rusty pipes, manufacturing, and industry put these in your water:
⦁ Lead
⦁ PFAS (aka "Forever Chemicals")
⦁ Chlorine
⦁ Rust
⦁ Arsenic


Environmental Pollution

Flooding, erosion, and disasters put these in your water:
⦁ Dirt
⦁ Pesticides
⦁ VOC's
⦁ Calcium
⦁ Magnesium

and drinking water with these contaminants cause cancers, disease, and overall poor health.

So the solution seems simple: filter your water.

But most water filters aren't good enough.

Because common water filters- like the pitcher filter you see here- only reduce select contaminants.

And a good number of those reduced contaminants are left behind in your "filtered" water.


And the toxins those Filters leave behind cause serious health issues

Here's just some of the dangerous still floating around in "filtered" water:


drinking lead-heavy water can cause...

• Kidney damage
• High blood pressure
• Heart disease
• Immune system issues
• Birth defects
• Impared brain function

and it gets into your water through Old/Unkept Plumbing

And that's just 5 out of the hundreds of toxins in America's drinking water...

So stop using water filters that just don't work

Because most filters around don't live up to their own hype.


Pitcher & Dispenser Filters

✔️ Good at reducing harmful metals and chemicals
✔️ Improves water taste
❌ Ineffective against cysts and PFAS
❌ Ineffective against certain heavy metals
❌ Reduced contaminants may compound with each drink

Overall rating: Good filtration, but not nearly enough


On-Faucet Filters

✔️ Improves tap water taste
✔️ Lower levels of harmful part1iculates (dirt, sand, rust)
❌ Can't remove microplastics, PFAS, or cysts
❌ Short filter life
❌ Clunky install, inconvenient use

Overall rating: Decent filtration, short filter life


Inline Filters

✔️ Reduces VOC's and heavy metals (lead, arsenic)
✔️ Slim, covert design
❌ Can't get rid of PFAS, microplastics, or cysts
❌ Particulates left in water
❌ May not fit all sinks/plumbing

Overall rating: Simple Design, But incomplete Filtration


Refrigerator Filters

✔️ Reduces chlorine, salt, and dirt
✔️ Improves bad taste
❌ Doesn't remove heavy metals (lead, asbestos, arsenic)
❌ Doesn't remove PFAS or VOC's
❌ Doesn't remove cycsts or microplastics

Overall Rating: improved taste, but not much safer than tap


Countertop Filters

✔️ Reduces a wide range of contaminants
✔️ Wide range of options for all needs
❌ Won't eliminate microorganisms (cycsts) or PFAS
❌ Hinders useage of sinks
❌ Takes up counter space

Overall Rating: Easy Install, Inconvenient Operation

So as you see, "filtering" your water isn't enough.

You need is a way to completely remove harmful contaminants in your water.

The answer: reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis Is The Only Way To Safely Filter Your Water

Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration completely removes 99.9% of contaminants from your water.

Not just reduced. Removed.

That makes your water as pure as possible.

Because when you purify your water with reverse osmosis it's actually free of harmful contaminants like...

Heavy metals like lead and arsenic

PFAS (forever Chemicals)


Hard Minerals

Organic Chemicals 

Learn More About Reverse Osmosis Here

Hundreds of Americans made the switch to reverse osmosis

And check out the purity reverse osmosis gives them over run-of-the-mill water filters:

And adding Reverse Osmosis to your home is simple

No plumbers. No hassles.

All you need is a few tools, and you've got pure water in no time!


Plus, maintenance is easy

Unlike most filters that don't last about 1-3 months, reverse osmosis filters last 6-12 months!

And upkeep is easy, too: turn off your water, swap the bad filter with a fresh one, and you're ready to go!

But how does Reverse osmosis remove 99.9% of contaminants?

Well, unlike most filters that only have 1-2 stages of water purification, reverse osmosis filters (or "systems") have at least 5 stages.

That means it's processed through 5 separate types of purification before hitting your glass, such as...


First your water goes through Sediment Filtration

This is where the large particulates like dirt, sand, dust, rust, and debris are removed from water before moving through the rest of the system.

That's why reverse osmosis is the sure-fire way to eliminate contaminants in your tap water.

and depending on where you live, you need reverse osmosis yesterday


Over 1 Million California homes face poor drinking water.


Florida found 104 contaiminants in their drinking water.


Over 12 Million residents in Texas can't access to clean water.


Michigan found over 80 different contaminants in their drinking water.

And if their water has that many contaminants in it, imagine how many yours has...

So break the cycle of toxic hydration

Because with reverse osmosis purification, you'll feel the difference inside and out:


Increased energy, decreased grogginess


Better digestion and increased metabolism


Stronger immune system to fight colds/flus


Clearer skin, less breakouts and dryness

NU Aqua Reverse Osmosis Systems Are Your #1 Choice For Water Purification

In fact, over 10,000 people trust NU Aqua Systems to purify their water to lose weight and keep it off. Here's why:

Unlimited pure water on demand

Pumping our a minimum of 100 gallons of pure, healthy water every day, you can depend on unlimited pure hydration when you need it.

Superior filtration over other filters

Pitcher filters and single-stage filters are mostly cosmetic, meaning the reduce bad taste, looks, and smell. But they don't elinimate contaminants enough to make it safe.

On the other hand, each NU Aqua reverse osmosis system gives you at least 5 levels of purification that eliminate 99.9% of contaminants for delicious and safe water from your tap.

superior HydraCoil™ Technology

HydraCoil™ filters give you up to 50 times the absorption rate of other filters and a substantially longer lifespan. That means they remove up to 99% of contaminants such as metals like lead, barium, and cadmium; water treatment chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, as well as pesticides, pyrogens, cyanide, sulfates, and countless other compounds that do worse things to your body than pack on pounds.

Industry-Leading Coverage and Service

From our industry-leading 120 Day In-House Satisfaction guarantee to our team of water filter experts available by phone, online chat, and SMS, NU Aqua reverse osmosis systems are backed by the best so you can feel your best.

So purify your toxic, unhealthy water with NU Aqua Reverse Osmosis Systems

NU-AQUA-RO-SYSTEM-PLATINUM-5-STAGE-SIDE (1).png__PID:5e855d08-5a7f-49cc-81cd-50d46a894948

NU Aqua Platinum Series 5 Stage 100GPD RO System

✔️ Removes 99.9% of harfumful contaminants, including lead, PFAS ("Forever chemicals"), chlorine, cycsts, VOC's, and rust.
✔️ Purifies water of dangerous contaminants, toxins, and sediments.
✔️ Eliminates bad taste and odor for delicious drinking water.
✔️ Backed by the industry's only 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
✔️ Bonus: FREE Delivery, FREE Water Tester, FREE Video Installation Guide, FREE Lifetime Support.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Based on 2,050+ reviews

$189.95 $209.95 (Save 10% Now)


Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours!

NU Aqua RO Systems give you 5+ stages of water purification

Because that single stage filter you're using isn't giving you the purification you deserve.

Contaminant RemovalNU Aqua Reverse Osmosis SystemCarbon Filters (pitcher, dispenser, bottles)
LeadReduced, not eliminated
PFAS (forever chemicals)
VOC's (ex. benzene, formaldehyde)
Particulates (ex. dirt, dust, salt)Reduced, not eliminated
120 Day Guarantee

and each system is backed by the industry's only 120 Day Home Trial Satisfaction guarantee

Because you deserve proper hydration and the body you always wanted.
So we'll give you 4 whole months to fall in love with your water or your money back.
And that's on top of all the other benefits you get with NU Aqua systems, like...

Free Shipping

All NU Aqua Reverse Osmosis water filters come ship to your door free of charge.

3 Year warranty

Every NU Aqua RO system is protected for 3 years against defects.

Lifetime Support

Our RO experts are here for you step by step, from install to maintenance.


Purify your water now, pay later with financing that works for you.

here's what NU Aqua customers say


Ed Mcgraw

My wife and I are thrilled with the quality of the water - and even more so after reading an article online about the poor quality of bottled water in America. We've gotten TDS readings as low as 13ppm whereas our city tap water was in the 180ppm TDS range.

You'll be blown away at how much better the RO filtered water is. The taste and clarity of the water is has improved the taste of coffee and tea as well!


Brian Peters

Awesome, clean water- love it! I can totally tell the difference from tap water. It's crystal clear and taste so much better.

Don’t think I will be able to go back to tapwater ever again after having this system.


It tastes amazing! It’s been the best thing that we’ve installed in our house! I love this water filter and will never buy a pitcher for water again.


Mark Wiegand

Exellent system, Exellent company. Arrived quickly, packaged very well. Easy to follow instructions included and lots of YouTube videos to walk you through installation. My tap water was in the 300's ppm. My RO water out of the tank is 16ppm. Over all very happy with everything.

Deborah Holland

Love this!! This system makes such great tasting and smooth water. This water tastes great which makes it much easier to drink more during the day to stay adequately hydrated.


harold horn

This is my thirdwater filter system, and the Nu Aqua system is by far the best that I have owned.

I have a drilled well and I love the u. v. light my system has, no need to worry about boiling water any more!

It is the best tasting water. In fact there is no bad taste at all, that is the way it should be. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Great price, Great product. I would highly recommend NU Aqua RO systems.

So Check out the complete line of NU Aqua Reverse Osmosis Systems here

NU Aqua Platinum Series 5 Stage 100GPD RO System

Our flagship system is designed to eliminate 99.9% of harmful contaminants from your tap water for pure, healthy hydration.

Filters Included5 Stage R.O. SystemCarbon Filters (pitcher, dispenser, bottles)
Sediment Filter
(Sand, Dirt, Rust)
Granular Active Carbon Filter
(Chlorine, Pesticides, VOC's)
Carbon Block Filter
(PFAS, Mercury, Odor)
Reverse Osmosis Membrane
(Lead, Arsenic, Fluoride)
Carbon Post Filter
(Bad taste, bad smells, discoloration)

Starting as low as $189.95
$209.95 (Save 10% Now)

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