NU Aqua Alkaline 5 Stage Remineralization Filter Kit


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Designed to give your water taste great whilst provided necessary minerals, the NU Aqua Alkaline Filter is perfect for those looking for more out of their reverse osmosis system.  Featuring natural minerals such as Maifan, Calcite, Tourmaline, and ORP Balls this filter will not only remineralize your water but increase antioxidants and PH balance your water. Engineered with versatility in mind, this alkaline filter will work with all standard reverse osmosis systems and features two ¼” quick connect fittings.

Customer Reviews

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Scott Fye
My customers have been very satisfied

I've had many reverse osmosis customers request a quality remineralization filter to be added to their systems. I have tried a few other filters, but this is the one I have decided is right for my customer base. The water quality is just right, the taste is quite good, and the fact that I have installed one on my own home should tell you what I think of the quality of performance. We recommend.



Daniel Sidi

I don’t have the equipment to check if the filter actually add minerals to the water or not, yet the water taste amazing! And the TDS meter shows 48 ppm which should be a good count as far as I know compare to 380ppm before.

bonnie gallatin

seems to be fine at the moment. A friend installed it for me. We were missing a couple of the little blue clips but we were able to get them at the fairly nearby hardware store. Otherwise, everything seems fine.

Tiffany Rodriguez Hall

I installed this unit pretty easily. It took a few hours to get it right. The instructions were spot on for the most part. I did have a concern on how it attached next to a garbage disposal but it seems to work just fine. No issues since it's been installed. Good product.