NU Aqua Platinum Series 100GPD RO System with Booster Pump

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Alkaline Filter: No
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Customer Reviews

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Garnet Heckman
Great RO water unit,

Unit works great, would recommend to my friends,

Garnet Heckman
Great RO system,

Best deal around, we like the total operation of this unit, we installed the 6 stage unit, nice to have minerals in the water again,really neat, well built unit,
Water is super clean, installed in 2 hours, would recommend it to everyone,

Steve Stoltzfus
Great Solution to our water needs!

Excellent cost effective solution for our lunchroom needs!

Jackie Scarbrough

We are a senior couple and was able to install the unit by ourselves, We love it. Use it everyday. Thank you for your service and the quick delivery.

7-Stage Filtration - Bargain and Good Results

This system is not compact, so I concluded that if I was going to manage to get filtered water that gets rid of Fluoride as well as other contaminants, I was going to have to locate the filter assembly remotely (not under the sink). To manage this, I was fully expecting to need to find and install a booster pump, but the 7-stage Nu Aqua system actually includes a pump so if this is a consideration for you, relax, it's already part of the package.
I was also pleased that the filter assembly comes pre-assembled so 50% of the construction outlined in the instructions is done. Be sure to install the UV Light and Tube, though. Since most everything else is done, it would be easy to overlook.
I did have one leaky connection on the Nu Aqua assembly that I had to deal with not to mention one of my own where I had not fully inserted the Push-to-Connect completely into the fitting. Their leak was in the Stage 1 Sediment filter which just wasn't fully tightened. Take your time and be sure to follow their directions to only open the valve halfway until you are certain their are no leaks. It will minimize the mess.
Since I located the filter assembly in my basement, I wasn't able to take advantage of Nu Agua's clever color-coded polytube, but it is definitely a nice feature, but an extra 12-24" for each colored tube would have been nice.
I also split the output to run water to my sink and fridge so I ended up buying a few fittings and 25' of polytube plus Nu Aqua's fridge kit. You might want to plan on a trip to the hardware store as part of the install if you are doing anything beyond a basic installation.
Since I had to cut some holes in drywall, the bottom of my kitchen cabinet and the floor to route the polytube which had to be fished through the ceiling of a finished basement, my installation took a lot longer than the 2-3 hours it might have taken if I installed it under the sink, but even with all of that, I was performing the initial flush after about 8 hours.
The results are outstanding. We are fortunate to have decent water in my town, but the TDS was cut in half down to the low 20's and the taste improved from what I already thought was pretty decent.
You can pay more for a filtration system, but I really don't know why you would. Nu Agua's system, at least for the first couple of weeks of operation, is a great value producing excellent quality water.